Many types of sustainability tools and methods are available today. Here you can find short descriptions of various types of sustainability tools divided into four groups based on their applications. The aim is however not to be a "school book" in sustainability tools since many such books are already available. Additionally you can under the subheading "Software" find various types of useful software tools, some of them accessible directly from this site. The tools are divided into the following groups: 

  • Management tools, like ISO 14001 and EMAS. 

  • Assessment tools, like Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). 

  • Communication tools, like Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). 

  • Other info, like legislation and standards. 

Information about how and when to use the tools can be found under the heading Strategies. Experiences and results from the use of the tools can be found under Publications.

A guide with relevant questions to be asked when selecting a method or tool can be found here.