Life Cycle Management
Product Stewardship
Environmental Management Systems
Stage-GateŽ model
Corporate Social Responsibility

Management tools

The main purpose of management tools is to measure, monitor, control and communicate the environmental performance of a company or an organization. 

In this section you can find descriptions of the following management tools: 

Life Cycle Management is a business management concept based on life cycle considerations. It can be used in the development and application of sustainability strategies. 

Product Stewardship is the "responsible and ethical management of the health, safety and environmental aspects of a product throughout its total life cycle". In other words, products must be managed and used safely every step of the way, through development, manufacture, packaging, distribution, use and ultimate disposal. 

Environmental Management System is a set of processes and practices that enable an organization to reduce its environmental impact and increase its operating efficiency. Environmental Management Systems according to the ISO 14001 standard or EMAS have been widely accepted and are implemented in many companies today.

Stage-GateŽ models are used to provide a framework for better management of product development projects. A project passes different stages that involves effort from many different team members. It makes the project more visible to all stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a voluntary commitment by companies to integrate social and environmental concerns in their operations.