Comprehensive environmental assessment of a chemical product
Eco-efficiency analysis of products or processes
Handling and reporting environmental information
How to perform an LCA
How to perform an LCC
How to perform an EPD
How to perform application specific ERA
Material declaration and recycling description
Policy controlled environmental management
Product Stewardship implementation
Basing environmental arguments on ISO/TS 14048 documented facts
Strategy for producing environmental information formats
Strategy for steering environmental work within SCA
Strategy for the use of LCA within SCA

Environmental support

It is often critical to set up support organizations for environmental issues since most employees do not have time or skill to work with these issues themselves. The role of environmental support is to help different parts of the company in making improvements of their environmental performance. 

Areas where environmental support might be needed are: 

  • Environmental assessments, e.g. Life cycle assessment (LCA), Life cycle cost (LCC), Environmental risk assessment (ERA). 
  • Participation in product and process development projects and implementation of environmental aspects in supply management. 
  • Internal or external communication - this may include preparation of environmental product declarations, environmental and sustainability reports, sustainability performance indicators. 
  • Collection and organization of environmental and sustainability data.

Here you can find several strategies describing how different types of tools can be used in a company.