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Implementing an environmental management system, EMS

The aim of this example is to demonstrate a working procedure on how to implement an environmental management system based on ABB’s experiences.


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An environmental management system (EMS) is a systematic approach to achieve the environmental goals in a organization. An environmental management system includes concrete objectives, plans of action and a clear division of responsibility for environmental questions

The key idea of environmental management is that a company's environmental aspects are managed in the same way that production, quality and finance are managed. An EMS will deliver three key outputs: legal compliance, continual improvement, and a program reflecting the views of interested parties. See also Tools & Methods - ISO 14001.

Everyone affected by the implementation of an environmental management system are the intended users of this strategy, for example, Project leader, Site managers, Environmental experts, etc.

The working procedure below for implementation of an EMS is purely generic. The working procedure does not take into account local circumstances, local needs, or qualifications of the team members. 

The Dantes strategy "Handling and reporting environmental information" could also be of interest.

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