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Other Publications 

Survey of Methods and Tools
ABB User Requirements for Sustainability Issues
Definition of relevant environmental aspects
Benchmarking of WEB-methods and WEB-tools
Study on sustainability marketing tools
ABB sustainability performance
Managing environmental aspects in product development - the ABB experience
Customer interviews with Power Utilities and Grid Companies
Study on how emissions trading will influence Akzo Nobel in Stenungsund
Local environmental impact - Local nature system data availability and local characterization modelling
Transport purchasers view on environmental issues
Vision: A sustainable transport society!


Environmental management related reports
A state-of-the-art study of the: Environmental information supplied to the actors of the Swedish pulp and paper industry and the tools used to provide it
PHASES - Information models for industrial environmental control
A Life Cycle Process Model
Databases in networking, extension - final report
Activities for reducing the environmental impact of transportation - leaflet
Methodology for handling forest industry environmental data - Manual
Methodology for handling forest industry environmental data - Method report

Management of Sustainability Issues in Industry

Implementation of integrated environmental information systems


Result communication
Report on tools for environmental communication

DANTES publications
Manual on environmental decision making
DANTES Users guide
Layman report