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Publications on Environmental Product Declaration, EPD

EPD - Key to interpretation>
ABB experiences of EPD
EPD for marketing
Report on tools for environmental communication

EPDs on chemicals
Methyl Ethyl HydroxyEthyl Cellulose (MEHEC)
Sodium chlorate (NaClO3)
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

EPDs on electrical machines and equipment
Low Voltage AC Drive for ACS 400 frequency converter, 4 kW power
ACS 600 frequency converter, 250 kW power 
Low Voltage AC Drive for ACS 160 frequency converter, 1.5 kW power
Low Voltage AC Drives for ACS 100/140 frequency converter, 0.75 kW power
Converter Module DCS 400 
Low Voltage AC Drive, ACS 800 frequency converter, 18.5 kW power
Low Voltage AC Drive ACS 800 frequency converter, 250 kW power 
ACS 6000 Medium Voltage AC Drive for speed and torque control for power of 3MW to 27MW motors

DMI type DC machine - 180-471 kW power range
AC machine type AMA 450, 1600 kW power
AC Machine type AMB
AC-machine type AMS 800
AC machine type GBA 800
AC machine type HXR 500, 1278 kW power
AC generator type AMG 0900, 5125 kVA power
AC machine type GBA 1120
AC machine type HXR 355, 250 kW power
DC machine DMA+
AC machine Motorformer type AMT 1250
AC machine type AMG in the 500-5000 kVA power range
AC Low voltage flameproof motor, type M3JP 180
AC Low voltage cast iron motor, type M3BP 315
Electric Motor Type 90S 4 Pole (3GAA092001-ASC)

Low Voltage products
Low-voltage circuit breaker, TMAXT1

High Voltage products
Center Breaker Disconnector type SGF range 123-245 kV
Plug and Switch System, PASS M0
Medium-voltage circuit breaker, HD4 
Pantograph Disconnector type TFB range 123-550 kV
Double Break Disconnector type SDB range 123 - 420 kV
Live Tank Circuit Breaker LTB 145D

Power Transformers
Power Transformer TrafoStar 63 MVA
Power transformer TrafoStar 500 MVA
Distribution Transformer 315kVa, 11kV, 3 phase, ONAN