Definition of relevant environmental aspects

The aim of this report is to identify and define relevant environmental aspects. 

In the report the concept of Environmental aspects has been clarified. The international standards ISO 14001 and 14042 is together used to technically define the concept, including how to identify aspects for e.g. an organization or product, and how to find analysis method needed to assess performance based on these aspects, and how to improve the performance in terms of these aspects. The relation between tools and environmental aspects is also discussed.

This report suggests that companies explicitly identify their relevant environmental aspects. A company's list of significant environmental aspects defines the scope of responsibility of the environmental management system for the company. The relevant aspects shall be considered when setting targets, educational need, production routines, requirement of suppliers, routines for supervision and measurements. 

Identification of the environmental aspects within ABB, Akzo Nobel and Stora Enso are presented. The method for identification of environmental aspects was interviews of employees at different departments at the companies.