Customer interviews with Power Utilities and Grid Companies

In order to clarify the customers’ willingness to pay for products with high environmental performance, including environmental communication, ABB has carried out interviews of some power utility and grid company customers. The interviews were conducted mainly as telephone interviews. The role of the interviewees was mostly technical specialists not dealing directly with environmental issues. 

Within the last decade the focus of environmental aspects has increased considerably and environmental concern is now a natural part of business. A “basic" level of environmental performance should today always be included in the offer without asking for this. Suppliers that can offer environmentally sound solutions have a competitive advantage since these types of solutions in general give both lower costs and risks viewed in a long-term perspective and therefore often are the best solution from an economic point of view as well. 

A supplier without positive environmental management work and attitude is in many cases not a potential supplier. The use of SF6 is an issue of strategic importance for all interviewed customers and gives very clear signals to be used in building ABB´s competitive and development strategy in this area. The moment there is a viable and proven alternative for SF6 it is worth to take the possibility to change equipment.