Measuring Eco-efficiency by a LCC/LCA Ratio - An evaluation of the Applicability in Environmental Decision-making Situations. A case study at Akzo Nobel.

This master thesis is carried out with the purpose to study and determine the eco-efficiency of an industrial process used for incineration of process water, in a case study at Akzo Nobel in Stenungsund.

The outcome of the case study is intended to be a foundation for a decision-making situation considering discharge of emissions contributing to oxygen deficiency in water. The study also aims to evaluate the method used for measuring eco-efficiency. The method applied for calculating the eco-efficiency in this thesis is developed by Steen (2004) and is intended to function as an interpretation tool for eco-efficiency. The method makes use of the established life cycle concepts LCA and LCC by applying life cycle data in a ratio of the value of the process and the environmental impact caused by the process.