Site overview

This web site, launched in September 2003, was developed by the DANTES project. The site was used by the DANTES project to demonstrate and communicate all the project results and is now maintained by  Chalmers University of Technology.

Availability and functionality have been very important aspects when designing and constructing this web site. Professionals or people with environmental interests with basic environmental knowledge should be able to use this web site as a source for information and inspiration or as an introduction to tools and methods for environmental assessment.

The results of the DANTES project do not present a tool nor a method, but rather a toolbox with many different methods and tools. The toolbox presented on this web site, can be used by professionals in a company as well as by local and national authorities, organizations and within the educational system. 

The results are based on the experiences of the four partners, but are not limited to a specific industry sector. They can be used in similar situations in companies from other sectors. 

The project web site present information in three main categories;  

  • Strategies- how the tools and methods can be combined and practically used to produce the required information 

  • Tools and methods - descriptions of available tools with examples and methods that have been used and evaluated within the project 

  • Publications - all written project reports and case studies can be downloaded for free

The Strategies section presents all (currently 27) DANTES strategies divided into company functions (such as, R&D, Marketing, etc.)

The Tools & Methods section describes different tools and methods divided into groups of use; 

  • "Management tools" are sustainability support tools mainly focused on supporting company management. 

  • "Assessment tools" are tools for evaluating the environmental/sustainability impact of products and services. 

  • "Communication tools" are tools for communicating environmental/ sustainability properties of products and services. 

  • "Other info" describes methods that can be useful but does not fit under the previous headlines. 

  • "Software" lists links to web-based and other software tools that support the methods and strategies.

The Publications section presents public reports generated in the DANTES project and within the Swedish competence centre CPM. The publications available are, for example, LCA studies, method developments, state of the art studies, method evaluations, customer interviews, surveys, etc.

Look around the site, we are sure you will find interesting information.