The DANTES project

Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, ABB, Stora Enso and Chalmers University of Technology conducted the DANTES project within the pro-active environmental field. DANTES is an acronym for Demonstrate and Assess New Tools for Environmental Sustainability. DANTES dealed mainly with environmental activities that are usually characterized as voluntary rather than regulatory. Half of the financing was covered by the EU LIFE-Environment programme.

One of the project's goals was to assess and demonstrate tools such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC). DANTES also resulted in strategies for eco-efficiency evaluation based on existing tools. Tools, case study results and other findings has been continuously disseminated through this web site and through several information campaigns during the project period. DANTES aimed to contribute to sustainable development, where environmental as well as economic and social aspects are included.

The project was started in September 2002 and ended in September 2005. The DANTES website is now maintained and updated by a project that is run within the Swedish competence centre CPM and managed by Akzo Nobel. For questions about DANTES, please contact the project manager Klas Hallberg.