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Life Cycle Cost, LCC

LCC is a tool to calculate the economic costs caused by a product or a service during its entire life cycle, from purchase of raw material and components, cost of production and investments to usage, maintenance and waste management. There are no international standards for LCC. 

The scope of LCC studies is mostly more limited than the scope of LCA studies. An LCC study may for example start at the gate of suppliers, where raw material extraction and refining processes are not accounted for. In most cases, LCC studies end at the part of the life cycle where costs for waste management occur. Thus, LCC studies consider purchase, maintenance, use and end-of-life handling costs of the product.

LCC is particularly suitable for evaluation of design alternatives that satisfy a specified performance level. An LCC may show that different alternatives have different investment, operating, maintenance or repair costs, and possibly different life spans. LCC can be applied to any capital investment decision. It is most relevant when high initial costs are traded for reduced future cost.

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